Sydney: Quran Week


Presented by Bayyinah Institute and White Flame, we are thrilled to introduce the Ust. Nouman Ali Khan Australia Tour!

Quran Week

Although Muslims around the world share a belief in the divine nature and eternal wisdom of the Quran, the majority of us have not had the opportunity to collectively reflect upon it within our families or on a broader community level.

Quran Week is a 7-day course presented by Ust. Nouman, that focuses on covering two styles of content: the theory of Quran reflection and in-depth study of a particular set of ayah.

Experience Quran Week in Sydney for the opportunity to delve into Surah Mumtahinah and reflect on its profound significance beyond mere translation.

Experience a unique opportunity by registering for this course this October and November!

This program is suitable for ages 9 and older.

This Quran Week course will run daily, during evenings, from 6:30pm – 10:00pm.

Please note, the course will be presented at the Highline venue, in Bankstown, from the 20th to 26th October, excluding the 21st October. On Saturday 21st October, Quran Week will be presented at Omar Mosque in Auburn (43-47 Harrow Rd, Auburn NSW 2144).

Please note, a single family ticket permits entry for one person. To secure seats for your entire family to sit together at the event, kindly acquire family tickets based on the number of attendees.

Important Notice: No Refunds or Cancellations:

Before finalising your ticket purchase, please thoroughly review all event details, including the date, time, venue, age limit and ticket type, to ensure they align with your preferences and schedule. No refunds or cancellations will be provided once you have purchased your tickets. While we understand that unexpected situations can arise, regrettably, we are unable to accommodate refunds or cancellations once the ticket transaction has been completed.


The Highline, 2200 and Omar Mosque (21-October only).

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Meezan Case Study

Meezan Wealth is an Islamically-based financial company that offers financial services to Muslims within Australia. They came to Whiteflame as a relatively new company with decades of experience between the individual members who founded Meezan. As a fresh institution, they required our assistance establishing themselves in the social sphere and creating a lasting impact within the Australian Muslim community.

Meezan’s CEO, Rokibul understood the importance of a solid marketing campaign in promoting the legitimacy and professionalism of Meezan Wealth. We worked with them to create a comprehensive, long-term marketing campaign that aimed to promote awareness and lead to wide-reaching change in this niche industry.

For an industry with a limited number of competitors, we took advantage of overtaking slow moving trends and worked hard at promoting Meezan’s fresh face and tech friendly features – something difficult to find with their competitors – promoting Meezan’s approachable, up-to-date and accessible nature.

Our cohesive social media marketing campaign involved posting 3x a week, photography shoots, graphic design, website design, blog writing as well as an extensive paid ads campaign.

Our account manager worked with our paid ads expert and experienced graphic designers to create and a unified marketing campaign that targeted audience pain points and accessed the right target market.

Starting with Social Media

We worked with the Meezan Wealth team to grasp a deeper understanding of their financial services and how we can use this to target pain points within the community. Our consistent and effective posting increased following and engagement of their social media platforms. We highlighted the tech-savvy and accessible components of Meezan Wealth which were not common within their industry and thus established a strong point of difference from their competitors. We also made sure to showcase the essence of the business; working with and for the Muslim community to increase their financial wellbeing and help make them better off.

Results & Stats