Case Study

Millenium Kitchens is a renovation company based in Western Sydney. Before connecting with Whiteflame, Millenium Kitchens were spending double the amount to receive half the amount of results and leads.

They required a comprehensive social media campaign that worked cohesively with an integrated paid ads campaign. This includs graphic design, posting 3x a week, videography as well as providing campaign metrics, reporting and optimisation

Our experienced account manager worked with our paid ads expert and experienced graphic designs to create a unified marketing campaign that targeted audience pain points and targeted the right locations and demographics to optimise results.


Social Media

Working with the Millenium team discussing the right strategy and optimal targeting, we were able to build a following and increase engagement of their social media platforms. Highlighting the superior work of Millenium Kitchens and showcasing this on their social media publics greatly improved the professional feel of their business on the platforms.


Social Media

Our leads campaign for Meezan Wealth began October 2020 and led to a high number of leads calling through to talk to a Meezan Wealth consultant.

Our curated lead campaign promoted beneficial services
provided by Meezan Wealth, with ad campaigns constructed to target a relevant audience while taking account of gaps in the market.

With the successful performance of our ad campaigns, our consistently effective social media strategy and an updated user-friendly website, we were able to increase SEO
optimisation and place Meezan Wealth as an industry leader within their community.


Meezan Wealth