White Flame Strategy .

The White Flame Strategy team 

of experts are entirely focused on the promotion and success of your project.
We create a holistic approach to project management using the latest trends to build your cooperate identity,

 marketing plans and marketing tools
including Social Media Marketing and Offline Marketing. 

What we can offer you .

White Flame Strategy will create an overall operational and logistics plan

 entailing every detail of your project, including all tasks,

 milestones and success metrics.

 This includes strategy development aimed at achieving 

the desired business objectives.

Development and Execution of Marketing Strategies
WFS will work with you to identify your overall organizational objectives and will develop a strategic approach to achieve them through various social media outlets.

Event Management & Services
WFS will create an overall operational and logistics plan entailing every detail of the event, including all tasks, milestones and success metrics. This includes strategy development aimed at achieving the desired event objectives.

Event Marketing
WFS will work with our creative design team to develop all promotional aspects of the event including flyers, banners, posters, tickets, advertising material and other material that may be required.

Content Marketing
WFS will manage the development the various forms Of content shared through social media for eg graphic design, copywriting, photography, audio/visual production & more.

Social Media Strategy Development 
WFS will manage the various social media outlets that are most useful to the relevant industry. WFS will engage with people, advertise, and promote the organization on your behalf.

Email Marketing
WFS will provide clients with the opportunity to reach their target audience through direct marketing campaigns using email marketing.

Conversation Monitoring & Campaign Analytics
WFS will provide clients with an insight into the way the community responds and engages with you through the various social mediums. This information will be collated into a monthly report.

Multi Channel Social Integration
WFS will utilize the most relevant social mediums to our clients and ensure the same message is being pushed through each medium in the most efficient way possible.